About Jennifer

Catch Excellence isn’t about who I am.  It is about what I am trying to do.  Sure, you’ll get an idea of who I am from that and my writing style but I’m not doing this to tell you all about me.  You don’t want to know all about me anyway.  I’m just as much a mess as anyone else.  What I will tell you that is probably of some kind of importance since I may mention these things when I write is I am married.  Been married a while now to this guy named Colin.  He’s a pretty supportive guy and is all for what I’m doing here.  With that guy I’m married to we have three highly active children.  I’ll probably mention them on occasion.  Most likely they’ll get mentioned on those days I should have worked out or blogged but didn’t.  They are a fantastic distraction and consist of two girls and a crazy boy.  Currently they are all elementary aged kids.  They won’t stay that way.  The last thing that is probably of importance because you’ll see I blog and work out at all kinds of different times is that I work at home as a freelance writer and designer.  Now, we can return to focusing on the goal.  Let’s catch excellence!


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