You Are Invited!

It is time! The new site is ready for visitors and you are invited.

Join me.

The content there will cover so much more than my journey toward health and I expect to post content more frequently than I ever have here. You’ll get a solid look into my family like you haven’t had before.  You’ll gain information about not only our health choices but how we are moving to tie all the pieces together in a healthy whole. You might learn something. You might not. Either way, come visit me at the new site.  There will be kombucha, fresh juice, good coffee, hard cider, spice cake, granola and probably some Nutella cookies if my daughter has any say. I might even get The Supportive Husband Guy to stop by and type a little hello on occasion.  Thanks for your patience with the inconsistency here and follow me over to the new site. There is a seat by the fire just for you as long as you don’t mind the ambiance of a bicycle in the living room.


Create some conversation.

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