Change Is Coming

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”

-Winston Churchill


Catch Excellence will be seeing some changes in the next few weeks.  I have three blogs.  Each blog targets one aspect of my life. If I’ve learned anything in the past year chasing perfection it is that my life cannot be compartmentalized. My fitness efforts are influenced by my food choices which are influenced by my passion for creation care and earth stewardship.  My passion for creation care is influenced by my love for God and all of it is influenced by my family and desire to model a most excellent life for my children.  Now that I understand just how holistic my life has become I need to stop compartmentalizing and focus on pulling all the pieces together to reform the whole.  Part of that is slowing moving aspects of my three existing blogs to one central blog that will encompass a whole excellent life.  Once that is done this blog will become stale and eventually unpublished.

When the new blog is ready I will be sure to share many a links to the new home.

The one thing that isn’t changing is the name.  The new blog will still be Catch Excellence.


Keep chasing perfection, people.  Eventually, we are going to Catch Excellence.


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