An unexpected adventure


The Holiday season was rough on my family regarding food.  We over indulged in treats and under indulged on healthy foods.  I thought we were doing okay avoiding most of the commonly accepted unhealthy foods after the holidays past but all of us just didn’t feel generally well.I can’t pinpoint exactly how I felt unwell but things manifested for Supportive Husband Guy in a way that we could no longer ignore.  We had to take action.

Exactly a week and one day ago we began a serious detox and this week we began a low carbohydrate clean eating plan.  We are now eight days into this unexpected  adventure and both Supportive Husband Guy and myself have each lost weight.  Supportive Husband Guy officially dropped below 200 pounds yesterday.  There was only one other time in our 12.5 year marriage when he weighed less than 200 lbs and it was not a healthy way to lose weight.  This is.  Weight loss wasn’t the goal of these efforts but certainly is a nice perk.

We are now in the second stage of a healthy reboot. Still working with some restrictions such as, no or very very very little sugar. No fruits.  Fruits are just another source of sugar right now.  Yes, fruit is a healthy source of simple carbohydrates but right now with the issues we are trying to work out carbs are not our friend.  I never thought I’d say that.  As a youth and college athlete I was hopelessly hooked on carbs; pasta, fruit, juice, potatoes.  I was a self proclaimed carb-a-holic.  Now, I’m satisfying my cravings with oatmeal crepes and coconut bread.  Neither of which contain wheat.  The only dairy we’re consuming is fermented pro-biotic dairy like good whole milk plain yogurt and kefir.  We’re avoiding lots of common vegetables as well like carrots, sweet potatoes, white potatoes and peas.  And something not that out of the norm for us is we are only eating meats like chicken, lamb, salmon and bison.  While the guidelines would permit grass fed beef we eliminated beef from our diets months to years ago because of how it effected both Supportive Husband Guy and myself.

We’ve seen some benefits beyond weight loss in the past 8 days.  Supportive Husband Guy has not had indigestion or heartburn since starting this plan.  I have more energy at night.  Typically I am struggling to keep my eyes open at 9pm.  There was not much I could do about it or so I thought.  Last night I sat down at 9:00 and thought, “I am wide awake.  This is different.”  I didn’t go up to bed until nearer to 10pm and I have been sleeping all night long.  Interrupted sleep has been an ongoing issue since the birth of our third child more than 7 years ago.  I am more clear thinking as well.  I don’t’ find myself as foggy about where I placed things or what I did 15 minutes ago.  That is a big deal.  I used to put my morning coffee down to help a child in the shower and forget where I put that coffee only to find it 3 days later in a very sensible place to put a coffee cup temporarily.  But by far the most important change I’ve experienced is lack of headaches.  With other changes we’ve made over the years I’ve mostly gotten my migraines under control but a once a month migraine lingered.  I knew to expect it and I was so caught off guard this month.  I did not even have a hint of a headache when I would typically have a migraine that left me barely getting through the day silently suffering.  If you’ve ever suffered from recurrent severe headaches you understand the relief it is to not have a headache.

We can cautiously expand our food options next week as long as we are feeling well.  It will be a slow reintroduction process but I think I’m pretty sold on some of the changes we’ve made.


Have you made any changes so far in 2013 that might be lasting lifestyle changes?  I’d love to hear about them.



Keep chasing perfection, people.  Eventually we are going to Catch Excellence.


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