Green Smoothies for Winter

I’ve been skipping my morning smoothie for at least a month now.  I love them thick and frozen but with the weather dropping toward freezing outside a frozen drink first thing in the morning just sounds cold.  But after a month I’ve started to notice the lack of green smoothies in my diet especially when you add in the amount of refined sugars I’ve been consuming with Halloween candy in the house.  I need to reintroduce them to keep my balance through the dark winter months.  I did some digging around and found some recipes I wanted to try.   I didn’t have all the ingredients for most of them but what I did have was pumpkin.

I made a pumpkin pie smoothie this morning and it was delicious, like sucking down a tasty pie.  It’s still a cold drink but not frozen.  I only made a small smoothie the first time because I was really nervous about how the spinach and pumpkin were going to work together.  There was no need to worry.  I am making another this afternoon as my 2pm pick me up.


1/4 C or so of pumpkin puree

1 tsp pumpkin spice (I make my own blend because I like it heavy on the ginger and clove while being a little light on the nutmeg.)

1/2 C milk of choice (I used local raw milk, so creamy. Probably would be very tasty with almond milk too.)

handful of fresh spinach

drizzle of honey to preference

Blend to liquify

Tip: Do not let this get warm.  Drink immediately for best taste. 

Next, I plan to try an apple pie green smoothie. 


Keep chasing perfection, people. Eventually we’re going to catch excellence.


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