Righteous Rage on a Rainy Day

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a Facebook message.  I love to get little messages from friends who live so many miles away from me.  This particular friend has had a significant influence on the journey that is my life.  I don’t think she knew that until this past week but that’s probably how influence and inspiration works most of the time. 

I knew she was training for a marathon. Excellent.  I knew she was running the marathon to raise funds for a non-profit close to her heart. Excellent.  I knew generally what the cause was. Okay. I knew this message was in connection to her fundraising. Eh. . . I was avoiding this Facebook message.  Not because I have anything against fundraising. No, not in the least.  Rather, I was avoiding this dear friend’s message because I knew it would force me to open my eyes.

I had been praying for this friend’s training, for her fundraising efforts and for her family.  Goodness, anyone who has trained for an endurance event can tell you that a supportive family is important.  It takes a good amount of time to train for such an event.  What I hadn’t done was really look at the cause.  I knew it would make is so I couldn’t turn away. 

After a few days of trying to ignore it I took a deep breath and opened the message that I knew would drive straight to my core.  I read her message and tried to harden my heart to the eyes looking at me through the photos.  The girls who are no different than my girls, except for circumstance. 

I tried.

I failed. 

On the drive home from picking up my younger two children from school those eyes haunted me.  Their stories tore my heart apart.  A righteous rage arose in my soul.  I wanted to turn tables.  I wanted to scream at the people who could even consider such a thing an option to consider. 

I knew I couldn’t ignore my friend’s request anymore.  I couldn’t look at my own girls and know I denied such a small amount that would make such a big difference to girls so similar so far from home. 

My friend is running a marathon to trample on human trafficking.  Please, give her website a view and check out what Happy Horizon Children’s Ranch is doing in for children in the Philippines. 




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