Daily – Training & Food


Since my phone doesn’t format my posts as I would prefer I haven’t been posting my Daily as I would like.  However, I have been staying the course.  Saturday I fully rested and even though we had a  big family gathering lunch to celebrate my grandparents’ 60th anniversary I didn’t binge on junk.  Other than cake there wasn’t much junk to choose from which is so refreshing.  I did eat too much cake but I know for sure I worked that stinking delicious cake off later that day in sweat alone.  It was almost 110 degrees on Saturday.  Truly wretched weather but gloriously sunny.  Anyway, I’m on the course and Saturday was actually a motivation to hold firm to my goal.  I want to talk in more detail about this in a later post.  First I have to fully embrace the quote “Write as if your parents are dead.” by  Anne Lamott  Once I can do that I’ll expand.


Insanity:  We are breaking up the Insanity workouts slightly differently than suggested but that is what fits in our schedules and for our bodies.  Instead of 6 days on and 1 day rest we are doing more like 2 to 3 days on with 1 to 2 days rest then repeat.  As much as I was truly uncertain about this workout I am starting to really enjoy it.  It is a real mental excessive too.  Determination, will power and discipline are key; positive good stuff.

Half: I’m done my first week and into my second.  Today I stepped into the world of training assisted by technology.  I did my first run with the RunKeeper app.  I like it so far. Today was my easy 30 minute run.  It was easy for sure because my shin splint is acting up again.  I have to find a solution to this pain.  I do not like it and my stride is struggling as a result.  Still, my pace wasn’t horrible at 13:00 minutes and my distance was okay too at 2.27 miles.  Using the interval setting makes it so much easier than checking my watch every 30 seconds or so to see when its time to switch from a run to a walk.  And, something definitely worth noting, I set my alarm for 5:30 in the morning to run and I got up and ran!  I was back in the house before 6:30.  Makes the morning so much longer.  It will take me a while to get used to early rising three days a week.


At the moment I am going to suspend my food log.  I seem to have found a healthy pattern that I can sustain.  If that falters I’ll return to logging my days intake. Loosely I’ve found that a day that looks like below is best for me.





chia pudding & fruit


frozen yogurt/cottage cheese/yogurt with fruit and pretzels/toast/popcorn/ww crackers


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