Daily – Training & Food


My activity yesterday was up in the air when I posted my “Daily” yesterday.  I indeed ended up doing Insanity with Supportive Husband Guy (SHG).  We only did the Fit Test and well. . . gauging by that I’m less fit than I thought but it’s a journey right?  Curious where I’ll be in 60 days since both Insanity and my half-marathon trial will be up in 60 days.  Another positive is this morning I set my alarm to get up and run at 6am and I did it!


6am – Alarm went off and I groggily rolled out of bed, slipped on my running clothes, strapped on my watch and RoadID, jotted a note on the family message station and out the door I went.  I ran using the 3:1 run/walk ratio for 30-35 minutes.  I’m not exactly sure about the time.  In my sleepiness I forgot to start the timer on my watch until I rounded the corner to go around the block.  Felt good.  Running in my neighborhood is boring.  The blocks are too small and the hills aren’t spaced in a way that make them fun at all.  I did run up the largest hill in our neighborhood in front of our house.  Yes, I ran the entire thing and didn’t feel like dying when I ran past my house at the 20 minute mark to continue running another lap.

6pm – Insanity with SHG.  Yeah. . .


breakfast: coffee with raw honey and whole milk, small green smoothie

snack: bowl of cran-almond maple oatmeal, 16 oz lemon water

lunch: salad (shredded lettuce with 2 slices bacon, shredded carrot, 2 hard-boiled egg whites, drizzle of ranch dressing, 16 oz

snack: 1/2C honey yogurt with multi-grain waffle, 16 0z lemon water

dinner:   sausage pesto pasta with sauteed greens, 16 oz lemon water

snack: sliced apple with lightly chocolatey PB (tsp of cocoa powder mixed into TBSP of PB), 16 oz lemon water


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