The New Big Goal

Looking at the summer calendar for our family I quickly realized my original plan of competing in the SheROXTri in Philly wasn’t going to work.  It was too much of a commitment to train for it with our summer vacation plans and I really wanted to enjoy this summer with Supportive Husband Guy and all our Crazy Loveable Kids.  It would have been perfect timing to celebrate the one year anniversary of this journey toward excellence and long lasting healthy habits but part of health is knowing boundaries and balance.

After acknowledging the sprint triathlon would be too demanding a training schedule I toyed with the idea of doing a local 5 mile run and then the weeks flew by and I realized it would be next weekend and well that wasn’t going to work at all.  So where does all this leave me for the next few months?  I need a goal to keep going since personal fulfillment is nice and all but not always the motivator to get me out of the house after a long day working and parenting and wife-ing.  After some digging and reading through Twitter. I decided on a crazy goal.  A goal I never saw myself ever wanting to do.  I always wondered what was wrong with those people who wanted to do that.  Apparently, I have become one of those crazy people with something wrong.  I have decided to cautiously begin training for the Runner’s World Half Marathon.










Yes, that’s right.  I am considering willingly running 13.1 miles through Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in October.  I’ve dug around the fantastic cyber world that is the internet and found a training program that looks entirely reasonable to me.  Still not sure how my mind made the jump to thinking running 13.1 miles at all could be reasonable but there it is.  I’ve officially started training today.  It was pretty easy.  I mean who can’t succeed when the first day of training is a rest day?  Tomorrow I begin running with a goal.

Why have I said I’m considering the Runner’s World Half Marathon?  Because I’m really not entirely sure I can do it.  I’m being honest.  I know I can run 5 miles.  I know I can run 6 miles.  I don’t know if I can or want to run 13.1 miles.  I’m giving myself until the end of August to make the decision.  Cut off for discounted registration ends early in September and I can be frugal so I don’t want to pay the increase race entrance fee.  I should be able to run near 10 miles by the end of August if I stick with the training so if I feel good at the end of August and running 10 miles doesn’t seem like some crazy kind of self-harm I’m going to enter.

Oh, and have I mentioned the finish line is underneath a flaming arch?  That just sounds cool.  I want to run under a flaming arch.  I’m sure it feels extraordinarily victorious.