Daily – Training & Food


There are some changes in my goals.  I’ll get into that in another post this week.  As a teaser I’m hesitantly considering something I never saw myself ever being interested in attempting.  It’s a goal that will require a bit more focused training on my part.  That puts me back to daily blogging about my training and food consumption.  Thank you all for being my accountability.


According to my plan today is a rest day.  As I’ve previously learned I don’t really do rest well.  I’ll end up doing something.  Some of the possibilities are 30 minutes of hatha yoga, easy swimming, or most likely Insanity with Supportive Husband Guy.  It’s sort of my turn to be the supportive spouse.  Supportive Husband Guy expressed interest in the Insanity workout and I’m the encourager.  He’s been doing some more intense yoga with me in the past month.  It is only right that I try his workout too.


breakfast: coffee with raw honey and whole milk, 1/2C homemade honey almond granola, 1/2 C strawberry kefir, 1/2 banana, 16 oz lemon water & supplements

snack: watermelon

lunch: green smoothie

snack: 2 carrots & TBSP ranch dressing, one serving pretzel stix, 16 oz lemon water

dinner:   2 multi-grain waffles, topped with whole milk plain yogurt, tsp honey,  spread of all fruit, fresh sliced strawberries & kiwi, 2 slices bacon, 16 oz lemon water

snack: 1/2 C frozen yogurt, 16 oz lemon water or 1 C of hot green tea with lemon & honey


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