Honor to my God. Model to my children. Inspriation to my friends. – My post race reflections

I competed in my first indoor triathlon at the end of February.  This recap has been a while coming but truly I cherished my time away.  I’ll expand on that one day soon.  These are my post race reflections.

First, the results:

My overall finish placed me 22nd out of 38 women.

My age group finish was 11th out of 13 women.

Total distance covered was 12.16 miles.

I finished 18th out of 38 for the swim.

I finished 21st out of 38 for the bike. (In all fairness, 21st through 24th place tied for 21st place.)

I finished 27th out of 38 for the run.

Second, the reflections:

I did it!  I reached my first goal.  I participated in my first triathlon.  I will not diminish this fact by clarifying that it was indoor or anything.  I competed in a triathlon and I did it well.  For this I am proud of myself.  I wish supportive husband guy had gotten a picture of me with my stupid smile on my face when I saw I reached my distance goal for the cycling segment of the race.  Seriously, it was a sweaty ear to ear grin.

I was not as nervous as I expected to be.  I had Supportive Husband Guy by my side as my own personal cheerleader and we bumped into a friend of ours at Body Zone too.  That helped me not focus too much.  His girls and their innocent questions really took the edge off.

I completely exceeded my expectations with the swimming portion of the race.  I really expected that to be the hardest part for me but I was comfortable. I trusted my training and a few laps in when I was getting a little discouraged I found a chant that gave me rhythm and focus.

“Honor to my God. Model to my children.  Inspiration to my friends.”

It helped me remember that while this was about me it was also about more than me.  Doing things just because I want to doesn’t motivate me.  I need more.  I realized that through my training I was modeling healthy living to my Crazy Loveable Kids.  I was an inspiration to my friends and family who were asking about the even and even wondering if it is something they could do at some point.  I was honoring my God with the body He created and gave me.  Our bodies truly are an amazing creation.  What they are capable of is beyond my comprehension.

I did miss my training goal by 1-1/2 laps with swimming but I expected going in that my goals were high.  Hey, I shoot high because I expect great things from myself.  I do not consider it a failure to not reach the stars but if I don’t set my sights on them I’ll never know just how close to them I can actually get.

I hit my cycling goal.  I was really thrilled with this.  See mention of silly grin earlier in my post. I even had time to spare but I knew that I had one more event  coming and I didn’t want to push too hard.  I also strategically chose my spin bike because of its location.  I could not see anyone else.  Without other competitors in my vision I could not beat on myself for not being as strong as them. I could focus on what my body could do.

The run was more difficult than I was ready for.  Big picture, it was a positive effort and experience.  I did have a calf cramp more than half-way through when I had to re-tie my shoe which caused me to have to walk it off instead of run for a lap or so.  Then I mistimed my final burst.  I should have trusted myself and my watch instead of listening to the spectators.  There’s a lesson learned I suppose.  My watch said two minutes left but those cheering were saying one minute.  I put my final burst in with two minutes left.  When the time didn’t run out as I had expected it too I had nothing left to keep pushing myself.  I finished one lap behind the goal I set for myself.  Had I trusted my watch I could have reached my goal.  I’m going to take what I learned in this segment and apply it next time.

Next time!  Yes,  I will be doing this event again.  I think I may have recruited a few loved ones to join in the insanity with me next year.  We’ll see.  I also am re-thinking anything with the word marathon in it.  Prior to beginning this journey I had no desire to participate in any kind of marathon.  Now, well, I’m realizing that I almost covered the distance of a half marathon in this morning and I never left the building.  Surely I am fit enough to consider a half-marathon in the future at some point.

I already know my goals for next year.  I want to finish with an overall distance of 14 miles.  I can do it.  I have not doubt.  And, if I succeed it should bump me into the top 10 for women.

Keep chasing perfection, people. Eventually we’re going to Catch Excellence.


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