40 Days

I’ve never really even gave the Lenten Season much thought in the past.  Growing with a Baptist, Methodist, Independent Christian influence I always thought observing Lent was a Catholic thing.  This year I’m feeling differently.  After my short fast earlier this year I’ve found myself continually drawn to the quiet times and the freedom that comes from saying “No” to myself.  As a result I’ve chosen to take some baby steps toward observing the Lenten Season this year.  I’m still not Catholic and I don’t see myself ever becoming Catholic but my heart longs for a deep connection with Jesus.  I believe the past few years have lead me to this place and I am going to trust the path I’m on and follow it’s course.

What does this have to do with Catch Excellence as a blog?  Well, it means I’ve assessed the things that pull my attention most and actively choose to redirect that focus and energy for 40 days.  I feel I need to take a social media fast.  It’s a big risk when you are trying to build readership and followers but I’ve kind of gotten into taking risks.  It also seems like horrible timing since my first goal is so close.  It is my intention to post on Sunday the results of the triathlon but then I’ll be silent for 40 days.  My Twitter feed will be silent starting today after this post and will have an update on Race Day about my performance.  Then silence.

When will I return to share my meandering journey toward excellence?  I’ll be back posting and tweeting on Monday after Easter, April 9th.

Keep chasing perfection, people.  Eventually we’re going to Catch Excellence.


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