Saturday is Race Day

Last Saturday I finalized my registration for the indoor triathlon. I’m in. There is no last minute backing out anymore. I was certainly entertaining some of those thoughts while I was sick this month. It honestly scared me a bit.

I started this journey just wanting to finish not last. Now, I find myself wanting to win. What a change in attitude I’ve had since August. I’m certainly nervous but I think I’m going to get most of those nerves out tomorrow when I go to Body Zone for an easy trial run. I want to get a feel for the indoor track, the distance in the pool and figure out how to set the bike. It has been more than a decade since I’ve been on an indoor track.   I must remind myself that I cannot push hard this week.  I’m not sure why I find that so challenging.  Holding myself back for the sake of a future performance just seems contradictory.  I’ve read the articles. I know it is advised but it is harder than I expected it to be.

I’m focusing on hydrating this week too.  Last week I really got off of my water habit and just was not drinking enough.  I felt it too.  That uncomfortable headache in the morning?  Yup, a hydration issue.  As a migraine sufferer even the hint of a headache puts me in a panic so I am seriously going to tackle this water issue.  I’m keeping my trusty pink straw cup by my side this week everywhere I go.  I love this thing.  To make it even more fun one of my Crazy Loveable Kids got silly colored straws to go in it too.  so I can have pink with lime green or like today I have a pink cup with a teal striped straw.  Such a little thing to make me happy and be willing to drink more water.


The weather is improving so I am hoping to get outside today and run around the lake. I’m going to run for time but keep an easy pace.  I love running outside.  I’m fairly certain the treadmill and I will always have a strained relationship, one of necessity but not enjoyment.  Crazy Loveable Kids will enjoy the time at the park too I’m sure.

Keep chasing perfection, people.  Eventually we’re going to Catch Excellence.


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