Fitness & Sickness

I’ve considered myself an athlete my whole life.  Even the time “off” I’d still call myself an athlete and yet this took me by surprise.

“The epidemiology data suggest that endurance athletes are at increased risk for URTI during periods of heavy training. . .” from this source

Yet, that isn’t the only place I encountered this information.  In my quest to achieve excellence my own body knocked me down.  I know I’m not doing marathon type work outs but I did significantly increase my daily exercise routine for a week.  I was feeling great about the results I was having and then I started feeling scratchy in the throat.  I don’t commonly get sore throats.  I didn’t think much of it and went to play soccer with my husband.  That night when we got home I was wretched feeling.  I originally, but wrongly, thought it was just because soccer is such an intense sport and I was playing all out for the first time in almost a decade.  Not so.   I was bothered by this.  No one else in my house was showing any signs of sickness so I did some digging and discovered the above quote.   Then as I continued to read on in the many articles I reviewed found that moderate exercise is supposed to boost your immunity.  Here is where I show my ability to push myself too hard.  Every article I read said moderate exercise is considered 30 minutes a day 5 days a week and could be as moderate as a brisk walk.  What?  I call that living, not exercising.  Going for a brisk walk for 30 minutes is pleasure not exercise. No wonder I thought I was taking conservative steps to get where I am from August.  I was not doing moderate by any stretch of the definition.  I was doing high intensity work outs even though they were in 30 -60 minute bursts 5 days a week.

So, here I am almost a full week after getting an upper respiratory infection trying to moderate myself so I don’t push too hard again.  I’m not sure I’m succeeding.  I thought the 15 minute brisk walk on the treadmill two days ago was mind numbing.  The 15 minutes of bike was enjoyable but I was next to Supportive Husband Guy so I could check him out in the mirror when I got bored.  Today, I lost all constraint and thought I was feeling better than I really am.  I loved my work out of 30 minutes high intensity stationary bike but. . . now I am coughing again.  Guess it is time for another cup of tea.


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