Excellence in All things

Today I am still under the weather. I have a most pathetic sounding cough and the pressure int head is more than mildly uncomfortable. As a result it appears my body would like another day of rest. My mind on the other hand is demanding engagement. I can’t seek excellence in fitness and health today but I can seek excellence in all other things today.

How I will catch excellence today.

Relationships. I will be spending glorious and much needed one on one time with my middle Crazy Lovable Child. We will do the things she loves, wander the library, read snuggled up under comfy blankets, draw birds together, and watch a movie.

Food. I will make some crock pot chicken noodle soup from scratch. Campbells just cannot compete with soup made with love and all completely pronounceable ingredients.

Handcrafts. I plan on working on a gift for my aunt.

Music. I will take time to practice my guitar. I am not a musician but the process feeds my soul in a way I only recently discovered.

Finally, if my body decides it will allow me to breathe then I’ll likely try to at least go for a wall covering the distance I would usually run. These rest days are really creating some surprising stiffness.

Keep chasing perfection, people. Eventually, we’re going to Catch Excellence.


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