Day of Rest and Reflections from Last Night

I’m resting today.  I don’t want to be resting but I am.  I seem to have some kind of cold.  I suspected as much last night but I simply could not pass up the opportunity to play soccer with my husband and some others from a friend’s church.  It has been too long since I was actually able to play, not coach or kick around with 10 year olds.  But, I am now paying the price.  I can’t breathe.  Swallowing is painful and my head it filled with marshmallows.  I am running on vitamin C, ibuprofen, echinacea and green tea with honey.  So, I rest today in the hope that my immune system with buck up and kick this thing out of my body so I can get back to business this weekend.

I did pick up a book yesterday upon the recommendation of a friend. Because I Can by Janet OBerholtzer looks like a pretty inspiration read.  I’m looking to getting my hands onto more inspiration reads that will encourage me toward an excellent life and attitude.  I’m open to any and every book suggestion out there.  Once I finish it I’ll share my thoughts and hopefully someone will have suggested another Excellent Read for me to start next.

Being sick has my thoughts a bit disjointed today, try to stay with me.  Last night I got to meet and play with Art Auchenbach, the general manager for Reading United A.C. That was fun. Reading United AC is a USL PDL team that plays at a stadium in our township.  We are soon to be 3 year season ticket holders.  Through these inexpensive, close to home, games we’ve been able to see developing players before they move on to the MLS.  My oldest Crazy Lovable Daughter thinks it is so very cool that she knew about C.J. Sapong before he was on the US Men’s National Team.  And, I can’t blame her, it is kind of cool.  It was good to know I haven’t lost all my talent.  I’m still a pretty lousy defender and my game fitness is shoddy to say the lease but I can see the game and put passes together.  Really, it wasn’t too shoddy a performance from me last night with a goal, an assist and a few other close shots.

Keep chasing perfection people.  Eventually we’re going to Catch Excellence.


2 responses to “Day of Rest and Reflections from Last Night

  1. Hi, Love your header picture! Very inspiring.

    Thanks for the shout-out for my book. If interested, I’m willing to do a Q & A about the book when you share your thoughts about it. 

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thank you Janet! I am about half way through your book and enjoying it. I’ll certainly be contacting you when I’m reading to post my thoughts after reading.

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