24 Days Left to Train & a Mild February 1st

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”

~Ralph Marston

24 days left!

Yesterday went well. I’m not going to call it excellent but well. I did all three activities for the first time since starting this journey in August. I don’t know how many laps I swam. I lost track but I swam 10 minutes straight. Swimming is still going to be my weakest activity. I am not a bad swimmer but I’ve found somewhere through the years I picked up some bad form. I don’t use my legs to give me speed and I think it is probably too late to remedy that poor form before the competition. I was off pace by about 1 mile on the bike and by about 2/10th of a mile on the treadmill. The positive is that I did it and was able to walk when I was done and I didn’t hurt this morning.


Today I had intended to do the same thing but focus more on performance. Instead I woke up to 50 degree weather with a predicted high of 60 something. This is highly unusual for the first day of February here. I decided to see if I was able to do the running time at the pace I am shooting for in the competition since I am really struggling with my stride on a treadmill. Seriously, I feel like a frog standing on its hind legs trying to run on a treadmill. After looking up tips on how to get the most out of a treadmill run I determined my natural stride isn’t suited for a treadmill at all. So, I ran outside today on the half mile path around the pond down the road. I exceeded my expectations. My goal pace was a 10 minute mile for the 20 minutes. I ran my full 20 minutes and completed about 2.25 miles. Best part was I had something left to give when I was finished.

I am still deciding if I will have the opportunity to go to the gym tonight. I need to swim and bike today yet. I hesitate. Yesterday after my swim I was really having trouble with water in my ear. By dinner last night it hurt pretty good. I’m guessing it was the first signs of the potential for swimmer’s ear. I’ve looked up some prevention techniques and bought earplugs. I guess I need to just risk it. Okay, I think I talked myself into going to the gym tonight.


-ran outside! for 20 minutes at a pace quicker than 10 minutes/mile.

-yet to be determined at the gym. I’m back and had an excellent time. I did 30 minutes of cardio on the bike, 12 miles. I also did 10 minutes in the pool. I felt really good about it but once again lost track of how many laps I swam.



-coffee, raw milk and honey

– farmstead raspberry yogurt and homemade honey almond granola




-Wish dogs (Atleast that is what my dad used to call them because he wished they were hotdogs. It’s just baked beans in a hotdog bun. Mine were in ww buns)



-garden veggie hummus with hummus chips (These are like my new favorite snack chip.)

-strawberry fruit leather



-bowl of cubed ham, sweet potatoes, potatoes and peas


– water
– pretzels & pb honey dip


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