The Countdown Begins

In 25 days I will be participating in my first triathlon. It’s what I’ve been focusing on since August with a few detours but I’ve always come back around to task. But, now it is really real. Less than one month left to get this booty ready to swim, bike and run all in the same day to the best of my ability. I’ve hit all of my goals so far. I guess it’s time to set some new ones.

I reviewed last year’s results. If last year is an indicator of the beginner competition this year I have a solid chance of being highly competative if I can do the following.

SWIM – 20 laps in 10 minutes

The Body Zone pool is 25 yards

BIKE – 10 miles in 30 minutes

I can do this already. I did almost 13 today for my work out.

RUN – 2 miles in 20 minutes

I am believing I can do this. I need to get out of the gym to test this out. My treadmill skills are still wanting at the moment and the actual competition will be on a 1/10 mile indoor track.

Today I try my first blend of all three activities in one shot. For the next five days I am trying to do a 10 minute swim of 10 laps, a 15 minute bike of 5 miles, and a 10 minute run of 1 mile. I’m confident I can do this but to play it safe the first day I want to work on just getting through the progression. I’ll focus more on time once I know for sure and for certain I can blend it all together. Once I know I can do all three activities and I reach my mini-goal for those times I’ll increase the time and distance appropriately as I get closer to competition day where I expect to be close to the big final goals for this adventure.



-coffee, raw honey, raw milk

-ww toast and natural peanut butter


-orange juice
– broccoli with garlic hummus and some raw farmstead cheddar cheese

– chick fil a sandwich and strawberry milkshake (what happened here was I allowed myself to get too hungry after my work out and cave to convenience.)


-fruit leather
– water


-“healthy” hotdogs on ww bun, baked beans and water


-vitamin water while out with my oldest daughter


2 responses to “The Countdown Begins

  1. Thanks Andrew.
    Since it is an indoor tri its done on time, not distance, then they accumulate the distance you covered during the set time to determine a winner. I’m shooting for a total distance of 12-13 miles.

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