It’s Monday.

Activity: Cycling

I’m not going to re-cap my lack of work out this weekend or my moderately healthy/ unhealthy intake of food.  It was a busy weekend and I did the best I could with what was given to me time wise.  I am going to start my week with a positive attitude and a commitment to improve my activity and maintain my healthy food intake.  I ended my cleanse on Saturday night.  Yes, the Chick-Fil-A incident was not supposed to happen but it is what it is.  Over all it was a really positive experience and there are some things I will be keeping as a regular part of my diet.  I will make a post about it I promise.  I’ll find time this week.

I got to go to the gym with Supportive Husband Guy this morning.  I really love when that happens.  Because he worked all weekend I missed spending time with him so while I should have swam or ran I cycled with him instead.  That is sacrificial love isn’t it?  It was good.   I’m really getting into a positive routine.


30 minutes of Cardio setting on the stationary bike.  I did much better this time and truly could have kept going but I had a job to return to so I was responsible an ended my session at 30.



– coffee with raw milk & honey

-raspberry yogurt and honey almond granola

My entire breakfast was either locally grown, produced or homemade.  I love that.


green smoothie

– 2 sliced ww toast with a little butter


– bowl of homemade ham and bean soup



-mango fruit leather


– winter chai

-thai pad stir fry & rice (2 bowl fulls!  Oh it was so delicious.  I really need to find a good recipe for my own peanut sauce.  I made the mistake of looking at the ingredient list on my store bought bottle of peanut sauce.  Oh ick!  Tasty but ick.)


-a few dark chocolate Hershey kisses (Hey, I’m working tonight and chocolate is good for managing stress and I really am only having a few.)


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