Back in the saddle

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”

~ Pat Riley


This morning was one of those mornings that will test your commitment.  It was still raining out.  Actually, it was pouring so hard I couldn’t see out our windows.  It is a Friday.  Supportive Husband Guy was still sleeping, he had been out late playing indoor soccer.  I was sleeping, hungry and feeling last night’s work out.  But, I didn’t have any other time to get to the gym today other than after I dropped the crazy lovable children off at school.  So, I checked my negative attitude, got dressed, grabbed a water bottle, threw an extra pair of sneakers in my gym bag so I had try one’s to work out in and on to the gym I went.  I was going to cycle today and I was going to cycle strong.


30 minutes of  the CARDIO setting on the stationary bike. 

Yup, that was it.  I figured if Fat Burn didn’t feel that hard then could Cardio really be that much harder?  Yes.  Yes, it can.  I rocked it out by the end and must have looked a fool grinning ear to ear as I approached the last 3 minutes but I rocked it.  By the 7 minute mark I was ready to give in and switch to Fat Burn again or go walk on the treadmill just so I could say I did a 30 minute work out and then go home and have some coffee.  I didn’t.  I pushed through those slogging legs and by the 12th minute I was thinking “I can totally do this.  I could ride this thing for hours!  I’m a super fit rock star!”  Grand and preemptive thinking, it was.  By the 25th minute I was starting to wonder why I hadn’t stuck with my initial plan of slacking off but I was so close to finishing I knew I had to do it and I wouldn’t be content with my efforts if I didn’t finish it strong.  So, I rocked out those last 5 minutes and made the little negative quiter in my head shut up, hence my smug ear to ear grin upon finishing.



-handful of raw almonds and craisins on the way home from the gym

-coffee with raw honey and coconut milk

– a bowl of oatmeal ( Okay, this isn’t quite true.  I am trying to finish my oatmeal because I hate wasting food but I lost track of time and burnt it so I am really only eating about half a bowl and trying to avoid the overly toasty tasting bits.)


-green smoothie


-leftover ww artichoke pasta


-baked veggie chips and roasted red pepper hummus


– BOMB!  I had Chic-Fil-A.  Again, no excuses from me.  I’m owning the lazy decision.  I did have their chicken wrap, fruit cup and lemonade.  Yes, I regretted it that evening.




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