More running and food

Breakfast- raspberry green smoothie, vitamins and coffee w/ raw milk & raw honey
Lunch – apple, carrot, slice of raw cheddar cheese, homemade rice pudding & honey whole wheat pretzels.
Dinner- veg. chili with GF cornbread & apple cider
Snacks – green tea

Running: I missed running last week. Apparently I get much more mental health wise out of it than I realized. I will be running 5k after dropping the kids off at school. I hope to do it in approximately 30 minutes. It’s a fast goal but might as well reach for it. I have a few 5ks to register for coming up in the next few months. I also need to get acclimated to running in the cold.

Running update:  It was COLD this morning.  I wimped out and only ran 1 mile instead of the planned 5K.  I figured it was safer to run shorter and more intense than to push it and not have functioning fingers when I returned home.  Now, I know 40 degrees isn’t all that cold but I wasn’t dressed correctly for it and my body wasn’t ready for it.  I’m working on fixing this issue.  I need running gloves, ear warmer things and some underarmour or something.  Got to solve that soon.

I kind of wish I had someone to run with that could keep pace with me and not be slowing themselves to run with me either.


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