Today I Rest

I am sore.  My feet hurt.  I look like a senior citizen trying to walk down the stairs.  But, my legs look great!  I’m getting serious curves and definition again.  Didn’t realize how much I missed that.  The goal of this is not appearance but health.  However, the appearance side of things is not an unpleasant bonus.

Today I rest.  I have work to do both around the house and for my job.  I also have soccer tonight with my daughter so I’ll get some kind of minor workout that way and if I don’t I’ll meet Jillian Michaels tonight in my bedroom for some intense yoga.  That’s right.  I am still calling today rest day.

Tomorrow I ride.  I don’t like cycling alone.  So, I am bringing the supportive husband guy with me.  We’ll see how we do.


Breakfast – whole wheat oatmeal bread with natural peanut butter and homemade chocolate raspberry jam, two cups of coffee with milk and sugar

Lunch -pickled red beet egg, slice of local raw cheddar cheese, pickled green tomatoes, maybe some baked beans

Dinner – crock pot chicken with rice & peas

Snacks – peanut butter chocolate icecream


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