Day 21 – Run (triumphant return?)

I do believe both the weather and my schedule will cooperate today in order for me to return to an altered work out schedule. It appears that the outdoor swimming season will be cut short so until I get a gym membership I will be focusing on cycling and running. I will work out the details another day.

I can’t decide if I am feeling the physical and mental effects of not training, being sick or stress but I am not in an excellent place right now. I have fallen behind. I need to re-enter the chase.

Breakfast- 2 cups ofcoffee with milk and sugar, hot oatmeal with a little butter and spoon of maple syrup, glass of cranberry juice
Lunch-chili with two corn bread squares, water
Dinner- green smoothie
Snacks- cheese stick, small dark chocolate bar and glass of orange juice

Goal today is to run 10 minutes straight with strength and confidence. I have lowered my goal for today because of the break in training so I can assess how much progress I have lost. I hope it is not much and next run day I can up my expectations once again.

Update- I exceeded my conservative goal! I mean I blew it out of the water. Not only did I run ten minutes straight but I actually ran 25 minutes straight and finished with a really strong pace. I am proud of myself.


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