Day 18 – I haven’t quit!

I haven’t quit.  I’ve acknowledged some other needs going on right now. I’ve kind of explained this before.  It is August, a notoriously difficult month for me.  To add to the reasons I haven’t posted this week or for that fact worked out at all is that I’ve been ill feeling and completely exhausted all week.  Then last night I got sick.  I still don’t feel great this morning. The thought of running, cycling or swimming while nauseous and totally fatigued is not appealing right now at all.  As soon as this illness moves on I will be back on track.

Here’s to hoping it is soon.  I don’t want to lose much of the progress I’ve made in the first two weeks, which was loads of progress.

A side note not entirely connected to my own training for a triathlon: my 9.5 year old daughter is interested in finding one to participate in as well.  I told her she has to wait until soccer season is over and we’ll start looking to see what is out there.  She’s not old enough to participate in my event but I have found a website that lists kids only events and there are about 30 or so that go on throughout the year within two hours of us.  I’m sure we’ll find one for her come spring of 2012.


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