Day 11 – Run?

Today is a scheduled running day but I overslept. Now, I’m uncertain if I will get the run in today. I am already going to miss soccer tonight to meet a work deadline. In order to not have this be a rest day when it shouldn’t be my fall back plan if I cannot find time to run is to do an intense yoga session tonight for 30 minutes. I will also push off my rest day until Sunday which means I will run tomorrow on Saturday. I do not want to get too off track early on in the process.

Breakfast – coffee with milk and sugar
Lunch – tuna salad with red pepper scoops
Dinner – two salmon burgers with sliced cucumbers and carrots
Snacks -water


Fun little note. I expect to have some non-daily posts tomorrow or Sunday. I really want to expand on my successes this week from swimming and cycling along with where I have been riding, some peeves of mine about trail safety and the rights of women working out in public. Okay, I’m going to be realistic. You will likely only see my successes and maybe where we’ve been riding. I’ll save the other thoughts for a different week.


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