Day 9 – Swim

“Success breeds success.” – Mia Hamm

I’d like to point out that in less than 10 days I have made good strong progress toward my mini-goals.  I am choosing to celebrate every little victory I can.  The more I celebrate the small successes the closer I get to excellence.  Today I am choosing to intentionally push myself.  It’s a risk.  But I think it is a risk worth taking.  I am going to see if I can achieve my first mini-goal today in my weakest activity.  See, if I don’t succeed with this challenge it won’t be a failure because I am aware swimming is not my strongest activity.  Yet, if I succeed it will be the biggest motivating boost I could have. Imagine the thing that makes you most nervous about the competition being the one you achieve the goal for first! I may not be able to lift my arms tomorrow but that will be temporary and worth it if I can tackle the challenge today.


Breakfast – honey almond granola with whole milk, coffee with milk and sugar

Lunch – green smoothie (coconut milk, strawberries, pineapple, banana & spinach)

Snack – granola bar, fruit leather, watermelon, cheese stick

Dinner – Ate dinner with my parents and sister last night and had take-out Chinese food.  Chinese food is such a weakness of mine.  I had pork lo-mein, white rice, and an egg roll.  Of course there are left overs to eat for lunch too.


Swim!  As mentioned above, I am shooting for a challenge goal of the full 10 minutes today.  I am not looking to do it fast or perfect.  I’d just like to be able to swim the 10 minutes non stop without drowning.  I figure drowning would not be excellent.  Wish me luck, prayers, good vibes or any other positive thoughts you have my way this afternoon as I shoot for my first mini-goal.  I will catch you excellence.  Mwuhahahaha


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