Day 8 – Candy! Oh, I mean stress! No, that’s not right either. – Rest

Today is my rest day.  No serious training today and thank goodness!  I had my plate full of projects and obligations.  If I today wasn’t rest day it would have been the first day to really trip me up and challenge my commitment.  Thankfully it is not. Stress always throws a wrench into my attempts at healthy eating.  Who isn’t effected by stress that way?  So, I am going to allow myself some grace.  I have not veered off the course after excellence but I am accepting my shortcomings as part of that journey.  I wonder if on day 68 my reactions will be different.  This training isn’t for my body alone.  No, fitness, healthy eating and personal goal setting are for my mental health as well.

That said,  here is my embarassing food log for today.


Breakfast – cup of coffee with sugar, whole milk, honey almond granola with whole milk

Lunch – Canary melon ( If you’ve never heard of canary melon you need to find some and try it!  I picked a couple up at the farmer’s market on Saturday and it is so amazingly good.  It takes the best of cantaloupe and honeydew and makes a most wonderfully tasty juicy summer melon.), cheese quesedilla using cheddar cheese and corn tortilla (Thanks to my rockstar husband for cooking and bringing me food while I slaved at my computer.)  I also had a coke

Dinner – crock pot chicken cooked with homegrown tomatoes, local onions and zuchini,

Snacks – way too much Coca-Cola, JuJuBes & Good n Fruities.  Oh stress how you lure me to the candy.


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