Day 7 – Cycle

August is always a challenging month for me schedule wise. My work load picks up. My childcare stops and a handful of other life thing happen. It’s a good month but one of transitions. Those transitions are going to need flexibility on my part when it comes to my work out. The plan today is to do a bike ride. Trouble is I don’t know when I’m going to get out for that ride. I have two options. I can head to my parents after picking up my children and use their basement gym to cycle on the stationary bike or I can wait until my husband gets home from work around 7pm and immediately run out on him to get my ride in tonight. I’m not super fond of either option but I will not miss today. If I skip a work out I risk slacking entirely. I’m building new habits and the risk is not worth it while I’m still establishing the habit and allowing it to have priority. If I ride inside I can let my kids play while I work out. If I wait I can ride outside alone and really push myself. Downfall is I’d have to skip out on family dinner to do that. Family meals take priority too. I’ve got all morning to figure it out so right now I’m just going to start my food journal.


Breakfast – coffee with sugar and milk ( I had two cups this morning. I was dragging getting out of bed and it’s Monday after all so there is no slacking off on productivity today. Monday’s set the pace for the week.), honey almond granola with whole milk a few blackberries from the garden (There would have been more but little hands keep picking them before they are fully ripe.), and a fresh peach.

Lunch – three slices of lunch sliced ham, small bowl of key lime yogurt $ fitness water

Dinner -delicious shrimp and spinach salad

Snacks -coke and a hand full of candy and three prices of chocolate

I went cycling alone after my husband got home from work. It was a good solid ride. I cycled the full 30 minutes. I’ll expand on my cycling in a different post that is not a daily.


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