Day 5 – swimming

Confession: After what I felt was a very successful non-sedentary day of rest, and a decent meal plan I crashed. Fourth-meal, you a going to undo me! My husband offered to bring pizza home with him. I replied ,”Yes! Please.” I did have enough sense to agree to sharing one pizza instead of asking for my own but still. . . not good. I had three slices of pizza with ranch to dip them in at 10:30 at night. Admission of guilt over.

Today is a new day and a training day. I will do better. I will not give up.

Breakfast – coffee with milk and sugar
Lunch – 4″ turkey hoagie, handful of potato chips, sweet iced tea, slice of birthday cake
Dinner – salmon filet, two corn on the cob, summer melon
Snacks – Philly soft pretzels, oatmeal raisin square, fitness water

I think today will be a swim day. I am already going to be near the pool for lunch so I might as well take advantage of that. I’d like to push myself a little harder today now that I got a feel for how I am swimming.

Weather looks questionable for the whole week so you may see my plans get creative since I don’t yet have a gym membership. That’s on the list but for now I just need to get through August.

Stuck with the commitment and swam this afternoon.
1-1″ easy warm up
1″ stretch
5-2″ lap swim with :30 breather between times
Cool down an stretch

The swim went much better today. I want to try two sets of 5″ swims next time I swim. I think tomorrow I am going to ride since it will just be me and my 6 year old.


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