Day 4 – Rest

My day of rest started very successfully with the unusual opportunity to stay in bed until 10:00! We have soccer practice tonight so I won’t be completely lazy today. There is a good chance I’ll do some yoga tonight too but it isn’t an official training day. I will be tracking my food on rest days.

Something helpful to know when I talk about food is that our family eats a very low wheat/gluten diet. I try to keep with this as an encouragement to my husband and 7 year old daughter. It also makes cooking and meal planning easier.

Brunch: coffee with milk and sugar, 2 ham&turkey roll-ups, Colby jack cheese stick, cup of grapes
Snack: cup of granola with whole milk and fitness water
Dinner: Bahamas citrus tilapia with rice and homegrown seasonal veggies, triple berry homemade sorbet and a miller lite after practice


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