Day 3 – Cycling


Breakfast – coffee with sugar and whole milk, homemade honey almond granola with low fat vanilla yogurt

Lunch – tropical green smoothie (This is the same smoothies as the other day but with a large handful of spinach, an extra half of banana, and an extra 1/2 C of orange juice), hot summer veggie & bean salad with Parmesan cheese
Snack –
fitness water, fruit leather (not fruit roll-ups more like these) crunchy chocolate chip granola bars

Dinner – turkey burger, corn on the cob (2 pieces), 2 slices of watermelon and a Miller Light 


The plan today is to go on a family ride.  This used to be a multi-time a week activity but with different things that have happened in the last two years the habit really fell away.  The kids remember it and I look forward to starting this activity again even if on a less frequent schedule than in the past.  Right now the weather is questionable.  I am hoping it will clear up by late afternoon when I am done working for the day and we can ride.

The weather stayed questionable again but I rode.  It was not a family ride like I had expected.  It was more a mother & son ride.  My 6 year old wanted to go.  It was his first time on a trainer.  The first ten minutes of the ride was like the cycling version of a shake weight.  My son bobbed and weaved back and forth until he found his balance and groove.  My middle and arms got more of a work out than expected.  Ultimately I rode with him on the back for about 30 minutes.  I expect this to be the easiest part of training for me.  I’m familiar with cycling.  The tricky part will be when the weather goes south and I have to switch to a spin bike at the gym.  I am not familiar with those since I prefer to be outside for my activities but it is part of training and I will do it well.

Reflections:  Swimming kicked my body.  I am sore in places I haven’t been sore in since, well, ever.


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