The event and my 3 mini-goals

The event I am training for is this. Being a triathlon, it has three parts: swimming, running and cycling. Since it is an indoor triathlon the segments are not based on distance to cover in the fastest time you can. The segments are time periods in which you go as far as you can in that time. This difference is what made the indoor triathlon appealing to me as a first big goal. I think it is very attainable and not too intimidating.

The segments are a 10-minute swim, 30-minute spin, and 20-minute run. I am not currently in shape to do all of that in one day and function the following day. It would be like the scene from Run Fat Boy Run where Dennis, Simon Pegg, does his first work-out for the marathon he says he is running only to fall down the gym stairs. I don’t really want to fall down the stairs so I plan on easing into it. Afterall, I have 207 days left to get ready. My tentative plan, which I am sure will change as I move forward on this chasing of perfection, is a three day cycle.

Day 1 of the cycle is running. Day 2 of the cycle is swimming. Day 3 of the cycle is cycling. Day 4 isn’t part of the cycle and at least for now I will be resting on day 4.   I am sure that the order of my days will get switched around a bit until the cold weather comes.  For now my work outs are weather and family schedule dependent.  I plan on doing all my activity outside until the weather changes.  August is a month without routine for my family so that will play into the switch ups as well.

I am setting three mini-goals to begin. My first mini-goal is to run the full 20-minute time with confidence and not panting. I’m working toward that goal by doing half of it at first then I will up it as I move forward. I felt really good about the beginning of the beginning yesterday. My second mini-goal is to swim the full 10-minutes with confidence and not drowning. I haven’t started this yet and may be the most intimidating part of the whole triathlon. One stroke at a time I suppose. The third mini-goal is to cycle the full 30-minutes strong and without having wobbly fall down the stairs legs when finished. This is probably the most attainable goal of the three since we used to cycle very regularly and easily cover 20 plus miles in a ride. I am simply out of habit. Once I attain these goals I will set new ones but I know that if I don’t set attainable goals I will never stay the course for achieving excellence. Instead I’ll do this for two weeks and get frustrated or distracted or my skinny jeans will fit nice again and I’ll be content with mediocre. I am done being content with mediocre but I need to accept that catching excellence is a long term commitment.


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